St Andrews Wardlaw Scholarships

The Wardlaw Scholarship scheme provides invaluable support to those students who, without your help, simply could not afford to attend the University of St Andrews.

The Scholarships provide assistance with the cost of accommodation, and awards are based on financial need. They allow the recipients the freedom to concentrate on achieving a world-class education, and to make the most of their St Andrews experience.


“I have also been inspired by your philanthropy and the capability of the Wardlaw Scholarship to change lives.  It is my intention to donate to the scholarship myself in the future in the hope that I too can provide a deserving, financially restrained student with the same wonderful opportunity that I have had the great fortune of experiencing.“
Marcus Wallum

"Having recently graduated I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for all your support, and to update you on my progress.  Looking back over an incredible five years, I know it has been everything I had hoped for and much more.  Graduation day itself was made very special by the fact that my younger sister and I, both Wardlaw scholars, graduated on the same day.  You have made both of us and our entire family extremely proud, and for that we cannot thank you enough.  The ceremony was steeped in grandeur and tradition, and certainly I feel very honoured to graduate from such a distinguished institution.  Please find attached a photograph of my sister and I from the graduation day.

I have been awarded with the title Master of Physics (Honours) Astrophysics, and obtained an upper Second Class (Division I) degree classification.  As you will likely know, the final hurdle to obtain this title was to perform some independent research in a topic of ones interest and present the findings in a professional journal-style report.  My final topic involved using very high resolution near infra-red images to derive radial galaxy light profiles and properties of the galaxies.  I then derived a statistical correlation between one of the properties, the so called Sérsic Index, and the mass of the Supermassive Black Hole residing at the galaxy centre.  My findings revealed somewhat of a mystery as to why correlations differed depending on the wavelength the image was captured at.  
My report and presentation were very well received, so much so that I was offered a PhD position by my supervisor which will be based out in Perth, Australia.  If I am successful in securing a funding scholarship, the work will be on the very interesting and high profile GAMA (Galaxy And Mass Assembly) project.  The project will collect data from cutting edge ground and space based telescopes to create a state of the art database of galaxies, and this will be used to achieve scientific objectives that will explore cosmology and galaxy evolution and formation.  Needless to say, I am hugely excited about this opportunity. 

I was inspired by the honorary graduates present at my graduation ceremony who were distinguished academics and who talked about the the freedom and fulfilment of a life spent in scientific research.  I believe I now have a fantastic 'launch pad' for such a career, and am now more aware than ever of the incredible opportunity that the Wardlaw donors can offer scholars.  This extends not only to great career prospects and learning experiences, but also to the amazing people I have met throughout my time at St Andrews.  I have made many life-long friendships, met my long-term Hungarian girlfriend and networked with top professionals – all of which I consider invaluable connections that simply would not have arisen had I not attended this great university. 

I have also been inspired by your philanthropy and the capability of the Wardlaw Scholarship to change lives.  It is my intention to donate to the scholarship myself in the future in the hope that I too can provide a deserving, financially restrained student with the same wonderful opportunity that I have had the great fortune of experiencing.  
Please do not hesitate to get in touch in the future, or if you would like a copy of any of my project work.  I leave you with the utmost gratitude for all you have given me, and my genuine admiration for the work that you do."

“My Scholarship provides a roof over my head, one of the best educations in Britain and finally, inspiration.”
Rachel Neely

"As my second year at St Andrews draws to a close, I am saddened that I’m already half way through my time here. I have loved every minute and cannot tell you how much I treasure this experience. Coming from a relatively disadvantaged background, I would not be able to afford to attend St Andrews without my scholarship. I come from a single parent family. My mother works incredibly hard to provide for me and for my brother, who due to a learning disability is unable to support himself, but we just don’t have the money to cover the high rent and travel costs that attending St Andrews incurs. My time here is only made possible through your continued generosity. I do not have words adequate enough to thank you.

This year I studied English, Film Studies and Art History. I have always enjoyed English and always will. Having just chosen my modules for next year, I am beyond excited to start my honours course in September. Academically my highlight this year though, was the Art History course. I loved every minute of lectures and found it genuinely fascinating. In Northern Ireland our university system doesn’t allow for students to study a broad spectrum of subjects in the same way that the Scottish system does. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed studying these extra modules and I really do believe that this breadth has enriched my education.

In terms of extra curricular activities this year I have continued writing and taking photographs for one of the student magazines. I was also a press officer for our annual Arts Festival, ‘On The Rocks’. I arranged press coverage for student events and did articles and interviews for a few of the university newspapers. Earlier this week I applied earlier to be Head of Marketing, Press and Design for next year’s festival, so fingers crossed I’ll have the chance to get even more involved next time around! I’ve also gained a place in next year’s marketing team for one of our annual Charity Balls, so I’m really excited to get started with that over the summer!

Once again, I would just like to thank you for your donation to the Wardlaw scheme. I have enjoyed the past two years immeasurably, and I look forward to the new challenges and experiences that next year will bring.  However, your incredible generosity provides more than the chance to spend 4 years here. You have given me an opportunity; my time at St Andrews will open so many doors in the future. My scholarship provides a roof over my head, one of the best educations in Britain and finally, inspiration. As university degrees become more expensive and obstacles grow for students from poorer backgrounds, your support and generosity have become even more invaluable. I can only hope that some day I will be in the fortunate position myself of being able to give back to the scholarship program, to invest in the future of someone else who, like me, wouldn’t otherwise have this opportunity. Till then, on behalf of myself, and of future recipients of the award, I would like to thank you for your amazing gift."

“As I approach the end of my third year at university, I am very, very happy. Part of the reason for my happiness is that, on those rare sunny days like today, St. Andrews is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. But more than that, I am really satisfied that I have made the most of such a wonderful opportunity, and I am extremely grateful to the donors to the Wardlaw Scholarship for their generosity.”
Conor Magowan-Greene

"Your donation has allowed me to focus on developing and challenging myself through trying everything and anything, without worrying all the time about the cost of living in such a special place. Remembering the child who came here, I am amazed how much I have matured and grown in just three years – and this makes me appreciate even more that I have one more year of studies. The four-year degree is a huge advantage of the Scottish system, but it comes at the cost of extra debt to cover an additional year of living without earning. The Wardlaw Scholarship helped make this affordable for me. I worry that the huge increase in fees will make Scotland completely unaffordable for all but the wealthiest non-Scots in the UK, and so I urge any hesitant potential donors to please make the leap. Its such a worthwhile cause, and a solid investment in the future of society.

This semester I have taken a module entitled International Political Economy which was absolutely ideal, and reminds me why St Andrews has such a well-rated International Relations department – which was a big factor bringing me here in the first place. I am really pleased with how International Relations and Economics have complemented each other as a joint degree, and I am looking forward to studying even more next year - especially a newly created module in Development Economics, which I hope will come in useful in a future career. Although cliché, I have found it totally true that the more I learn, the more I have realised how little I know – however, explaining the eurozone sovereign debt crisis to my mum over Easter, I realised just how much I have learned over the last three years, and  how valuable this education has been.

Whilst I have been really pleased with the academic side of life, I feel like I have learnt and gained even more through fully participating in extracurricular activities and the social life of the university. This year as the Publicity Officer for the University Economics & Finance Society I have tried to make the subject of economics, of financial crisis and finance careers, as appealing as possible, to as many people as possible. I have recently applied to be President of the Society, something I never would have wanted to do, or had the confidence to do, three years ago. Amongst other guest speakers, I plan to invite Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist and one of the people who inspired me to study Economics, to come to St Andrews. This is something which would have never even occurred to me three years ago. St Andrews has given me inspiration, self-belief, ambition and happiness – a really valuable education, and I am really grateful for your contribution to it."

“All of this has come as the result of my undergraduate career at the University of St Andrews, which would not have been possible without the generous support of my sponsors. I cannot express how grateful I am for all of their help and support throughout my studies and how important their generosity has been to me.”
Deidre Mitchell

"After four amazing years at the University of St Andrews I graduated on 21st June with a 2:1 MA (hons) in Scottish History. While I was very sad to be leaving many close friends I am very proud of what I have achieved at this wonderful university. I had a very successful final year at St Andrews and I was particularly delighted to receive a strong grade for my dissertation on the role of perceptions of lordship on the conflict between James II and the Black Douglases in the fifteenth century. I also received similarly good grades for my special topic, The Bruce Cause, and my second semester module, Mediaeval St Andrews. This final module I found especially interesting due to its focus on the town in which I have studied for four years. It was incredibly interesting to learn so much about the different locations in the town which I walk past on a daily basis and, in particular, I enjoyed seeing how the town has changed or, in many cases, remained the same from the early mediaeval period to the present day.

Having now achieved my degree in Scottish History I am particularly keen to enter into a career in the Scottish heritage industry and in particular I am passionate about the education of the public about the importance of preserving Scotland’s rich, and often rare, heritage and historical artefacts. To this end I have successfully applied for a place on the University of St Andrews’ MLitt in Museum and Gallery Studies. While I am delighted to be returning to St Andrews in September, I am perhaps even more excited about beginning this course which will help to prepare me for my chosen career. In the future I hope to have the opportunity to work for Historic Scotland or the National Museum of Scotland.

While I am continuing my studies at St Andrews I hope also to continue my involvement with the various societies that I have been a part of these last four years. When I return in September I will be taking up the position of secretary of the History Society, which hopes to continue its successes of last year, including a trip to Edinburgh and the, now infamous, Inter-departmental Quiz between the tutors of the various history departments. I will also be taking on the role of Senior Student on the committee of the Doctor Who Society, which is still going from strength to strength.


In the meantime I am spending the summer gaining experience working in the heritage sector.  I am particularly privileged to be involved in a conservation project which is underway at Abbot House, Dunfermline. The project is working on the conservation of a sixteenth century wall painting which depicts scenes from Virgil’s Aeneid. As part of the project the heritage officer of the house also hopes to run a series of lectures relating to the wall painting and I am lucky enough to be involved in the planning for these. Although the project is only in its early phases I have already learnt a lot about the different elements involved in running a successful conservation project. Alongside this project I have also applied to spend some time volunteering at the Abbey and Palace in Dunfermline, both of which are managed by Historic Scotland. As I am interested in possibly working for Historic Scotland in the future I feel like this would give me some idea of what a career with them might be like and, more importantly, how they go about preserving some of Scotland’s greatest buildings.

With these plans for the summer, and my return to St Andrews for further study, I am greatly looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring. It certainly promises to be a very eventful time and I hope it will be the start of a thoroughly interesting and rewarding career in the heritage industry. All of this has come as the result of my undergraduate career at the University of St Andrews, which would not have been possible without the generous support of my sponsors. I cannot express how grateful I am for all of their help and support throughout my studies and how important their generosity has been to me. I would like to extent to them my sincerest thanks and appreciation."



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