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Instructions - Watch the How to Register videovideo

IMPORTANT - You will need the Activation Number from your SPARC alumni card letter (highlighted with a black border) AND an email address to complete this process.

A Family Programme Membership ID (e.g. 1234) is NOT a valid activation number - your application will be rejected.

If you have misplaced or not received your letter, email us at to request an activation number (please include your degree details, year of graduation/leaving and full name in your email).

  1. Click the 'Register now' link below to open the registration form
  2. Complete all required fields on the form - Ensure you enter your 6-digit SPARC Activation Number
  3. Create an Alumni ID (Username) and Password - these are for you to make up yourself (please avoid spaces though!)
  4. Click the 'Submit' button

Your details will be checked and your account will be live within 2 working days.
You will receive an email confirming your login details.

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