Students' Association Building

The re-vamped St Andrews union will include:

  • A new entrance which will transform the current car-park area.
  • A new street-facing café, run for students and the public, by students.
  • New venues, with the current Venue One split into two distinct spaces: a flexible performance space and a 600 person capacity entertainment venue, with a lounge area for an additional 270 persons.
  • A dramatic expansion and improvement in terms of society space on the middle and top floors of the Union. Overall, society space will increase from 8 rooms to 14, with an overall increase of 40% in square meters. This will include a design suite, radio broadcasting facility and film editing suite.
  • On the top floor, two large flexible rooms will be introduced, both suitable for rehearsals.
  • The current Venue 2 will be reworked into a sky bar serving wine and cocktails, and aimed especially at postgraduate students. An acoustic/ sports venue located on the ground floor may replace the current ‘live venue’ functions of Venue 2.
  • The current Main Bar will be broken up into smaller areas, each with its own identity and suitable for studying, socialising and relaxing. Two of the booths will be designed as Skype pods, so our internationally-connected students can keep in touch with friends and family.
  • A greener, more sustainable building, aiming to be among the best in St Andrews.

St Andrews Gift Acceptance Policy (PDF, 409 KB)

For more information contact:

Lynsey Kerr
Development Officer (Annual Giving)
+44 (0) 1334 462154