Quad Gallery of Photos

The United College Quadrangle, or "The Quad," has been at the heart of the University of St Andrews since 1450. Founded by Bishop James Kennedy, the chapel and colleges have seen generations of students pass through the University, whether for class, Sunday service, or the celebrations on Raisin Monday.

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The College of St Salvator (ca. 1845)



North Street, looking west, showing St Salvator's steeple under repair (ca. 1845)



The North and West wings of United College [of St Salvator's and St Leonard's] from the Southeast (1846)


Quad 1878 

United Colleges (1878)


 Quad North and West Buildings 1892 

North and West Quad Buildings (1892)


Quad 1911 500th Anniversary Academic holding mace in Quad (1911)


Quad Lord Balfour 500th Anniversary 

Lord Balfour in Quad (1911)



United Colleges and quadrangle, St Salvator's and St Leonard's (1947)


Queen Elizabeth's Visit: Procession passing St Salvator's Chapel (1950)


Queen Elizabeth's Visit: Procession passing the University Church (1950)



Queen Elizabeth's Visit: Procession continues down North Street (1950)



Gowned students celebrate Raisin Monday in the quad (1971)



United College Quadrangle Cage (1971)



United College Quadrangle, looking south (1971)



St Salvator's Buildings, looking south east (1974)



The view from the top of St Salvator's Chapel tower, looking north (1975)



St Salvator's Chapel in the snow (Date unknown)



A view into the quad through the gate on Butts Wynd



All the way out to West Sands



Bishop Kennedy's St Salvator's Chapel



Gowned student gives a tour to prospective students



Looking down from the chapel's belltower



One of the Quad's many faces



Ornate decorations over Lower College Hall



Sight of the Cathedral from St Salvator's Chapel



Stone carvings on St Salvator's College



Students enjoy the sunshine in the Quad



Students gather around the Schools in the Quad



Students head to class through the Quad



The Coat of Arms of St Salvator's College



The unicorn that overlooks the Quad



The view out onto the Scores from the Quad


Quad in snow 

Quad in snow (7 January, 2010)
Photo courtesy of Ben Goulter


Raisin Monday 


To see more photographs, please visit the St Andrews Special Collections Photographic Archive.


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