Class Gift

In 2009, a group of graduating seniors decided that they wanted to leave a legacy to the university and their fellow students when they graduated. They wanted say thank you for all of the happy memories on behalf of their class and to give back to the community they felt they had benefitted from so much in their four years.  With support from the Principal, the students created the first annual Class Gift. Since then, the enthusiasm, contributions and level of student and parent involvement has grown each year.

This year, Class Gift is supporting the 600th Anniversary Students' Association Bursary Fund, which provides an award each year of their course to help with the cost of living. The Bursary is open to all, regardless of where they are from and financial background.



"We are all unbelievably lucky to live and study here, and Class Gift allows us to give something back even after we’ve graduated. It means that future students can also have the amazing experiences that St Andrews offers.”
– Amy Chubb, Class Gift Convenor


If you are a student and interested in getting involved contact:


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