Supporting the University

In 2013-14, more than 800 St Andrews families made gifts.

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We all want to give students the best opportunities while at university.  As a parent, you play a key role in the University’s financial ability to do so -- both through tuition fees, which cover part of the total cost of a St Andrews education, and through your philanthropic support. Every year, a growing number of parents express their support for our mission with a gift towards scholarships, research, facilities or the endowment; in fact, many families honour the University's lifelong influence by continuing to give after their students have graduated.

Support for the following projects can have a direct impact on your student and his or her fellow classmates immediately:

  • Provide library resources in your student's subject via the Family Book Fund, which is used to expand the range of books, periodicals and electronic journals offered to St Andrews students
  • Ensure that St Andrews is open to the best and the brighest regardless of finances by providing a range of scholarships 
  • Support one of the University's landmark renovation projects improving facilties student use every day
  • Or click here to view a complete list of fundraising priorities

For tax-effective giving, please choose from the following links:

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