Postgraduate scholarships

Attracting outstanding researchers whose track record demonstrates their potential as future leaders in their field is crucial to our continuing success as a world-class educational institution. St Andrews enjoys a reputation for excellence in research but we face significant competition from other universities able to offer enticing scholarships to potential postgraduate candidates.

Our aim is to draw the best researchers at postgraduate stage to St Andrews, through the provision of competitive postgraduate scholarship programmes.

We are seeking donors to contribute towards a £10 million (US $15 million) fund to provide scholarships which will allow us to retain and attract top postgraduate research students, and £2.1 million (US $3.15 million) to support postdoctoral researchers and maintain our position at the forefront of academic excellence.

"After graduating with a BSc, I was fortunate to be awarded a scholarship to continue my PhD studies. Without this level of support it would have been impossible for me to have pursued a career as a cognitive scientist. For me, it has been a life-changing opportunity and I would strongly encourage potential donors to consider the possibility of creating similar life-changing opportunities for the next generation of researchers."

~ Professor Malcolm MacLeod, Provost of St Leonard's College and Dean of Postgraduate Studies.