The London Scholarship


Sherlock Cruz - Biography

Sherlock CruzI would like to begin by saying thank you for awarding me with the London Scholarship, of which I am extremely grateful for. My name is Sherlock Cruz and I come from West London. I attended my local primary school, St Francis of Assisi, before moving onto attending Gunnersbury Catholic School up to when I completed my A levels. St Andrews was my first choice University, to study BSc Economics, for a variety of reasons. Despite the long distance between St Andrews and London and the availability of other fine Universities within London, I felt that I wanted to explore what life was like living somewhere very unlike the large city. St Andrew’s reputation and its incredibly flexible modular system was the perfect choice, as I have now chosen to study modules in subjects I never thought I’d be able to. For example, outside of education, I enjoy anything technology and computer related, so I have chosen two Computer Science modules. I am thoroughly looking forward to this, and everything that the University has to offer.

I have only been in St Andrews for a few days, and I am truly having an amazing time so far. I understand that St Andrews can be quite an expensive town to live in, and with this scholarship bridging the financial gap that results from the higher loan amount the student loans company could have provided if I had stayed in London, this award has given me an invaluable sense of financial relief. For that, I cannot express how deeply I appreciate the award. You have not only provided me with the evident benefits of the scholarship in monetary terms, but also relieved me of the stresses and worries that can come from financial issues. I will ensure to make the best possible use of the scholarship and will detail this in my following reports.