Staff Fundraising

With a bit of imagination, staff from the St Andrews Estates department have raised money for two stone benches to be placed in the University Gardens

In 2013, five members of the St Andrews Estates department knew that they wanted to add their own personal touch to the celebrations of the University's 600th Anniversary, so they formed a few ideas of how to best commemorate this special occasion. Together they decided that the best way to contribute to the Anniversary was to raise money for several stone benches to be placed in St John's and St Mary's Garden for any town and gown who needed a tranquil moment.

After contacting a local stonemason, they found out that two stone benches would cost around £2,000. This small group of University staff members then decided that a Race Night (a charity event which simulates a day at the races) and a raffle would be the best way to raise money for the project. Local businesses in St Andrews – including the New Picture House Cinema and Binn Skipps – helped out by providing sponsorship and donating prizes for a raffle.

The Race Night was finally held on 1 June 2013. Not only did everyone have a great time, but an astounding £2630 was raised for Estate's initiative. The stone benches are now placed across the University for all to sit on and enjoy a few moments’ peace and quiet!

From left to right: John Jardine (Bedellus), Bill Close (Grounds Foreman), Shona McGarrity (Business Manager), John Harcus (Foreman Joiner), and Beth Robinson (Safety Officer).


For more information about how gifts make a difference at St Andrews, contact:

Lynsey Kerr
Development Officer (Annual Giving)
+44 (0)1334 462154